Babies between 0 - 3 years old grow up real quick and buying of socks in small sizes will result in them not able to fit before you knew it. Yet socks of bigger sizes will slip off the feet. We suggest the followings, to help resolve your troubles!


0 - 3 months: Recommended XS (7-9cm)

4 - 12 months: Recommended S (10-12cm)

1 - 3 years old: Recommended M (12-15cm)


If your baby is between 10 - 12 months, length of feet is longer than 12cm, we suggest you to get size M.

If your baby is around 2.5 years old, length of feet is longer than 15cm, we suggest you to get size L.


Our socks are of stretchy material. As long as you got the right size, the comfort level is guaranteed!


Assorted Animal Socks

  • Waiting duration: 2 weeks

    Peak Period (2 weeks before festive or during festive): 1 month

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